xiaomi purely kn95

Overall, though, this is a well-fitting mask that is comfortable and provides good filtration. in the palm of your hand with the strap hanging down. As I have already mentioned, I love the ear-strap and headband combination. Therefore, while the KN standard is, in theory, effective at filtering fine dust (relative to its rating – KN90 = 90%, KN95 = 95%, and KN100 = 99.97%), masks that advertise these ratings aren’t always accurate. Finally, the filter layer is made of skin-friendly material, with good absorbency to prevent the remaining agents from affecting the health of users. will prevent the mask from touching the nose and mouth to avoid affecting the lipstick and makeup. The downside though, is that this speed is the loudest and is audible for others in quiet situations. However, while the KN has strict requirements, there are sometimes counterfeit and fake filters that claim to have achieved this standard. Average filtration is between 98 and 99%. The fan has limited impact on the air flow within the mask. All in all, I had a good experience with the Purely Mask. The Xiaomi Purely KN95 mask is a specialized mask for protecting the health when exposed to the surrounding environment is dusty, harmful agents that the naked eye can not see. However, while the fan is big I don’t feel like it particularly stands out. This allows you to change both the fan filters and the interior mask filter. Sure, some are better than others, and some have unique features. However, in tests, the mask was shown to filter ≥97.5% of particles. However, the results do appear to be authentic and the specific ratings are given on their website. Check out Totobobo, a mask that provides 99% filtration and is easy to wash! However, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the fan, as the performance is lacklustre. Purely Kn95 Anti-Pollution Air Mask with Pm2.5 550 mAh Battreies Rechargeable Filter Feedback ... Package included: 1 x xiaomi air mask 1 x mask filter 5 x 26mm purely filter 1 x spare mask cap 1 x 30mm spare cap. Along with the easy-to-open folding design so that users can easily store masks in. Further, at this speed the battery life is the lowest. With that being said, this is my review of the Purely fine dust mask. This information is consistent with the labeling on the interior filter, which claims to meet the GB2626-2006 standard for KN95. It is important to ensure the tightness of each mask. The air being used is a product of the pm2.5 filter! However, it is not hand stitched. The intention of the fan is to draw external air into the mask so as to decrease the temperature and humidity within the mask. You can also purchase replaceable filters from the same site. All masks suffer from increased humidity and temperature inside and the Purely model is no exception. El precio de esta nueva mascarilla Xiaomi Mi KN95 Protective Mask es de apenas 250 rupias, unos 2.9 euros para el pack de 2 unidades.Además, se pueden adquirir en un pack ahorro de 5 unidades por 600 rupias, unos 7 euros.. Por el momento tan solo se venderán en la India, aunque teniendo en cuenta la gran acogida que tendrían … Everything that you need to know about indoor air pollution and its dangers. The mask is rated KN95, meaning that it filters >95% of particles at 0.3μm. Meo Air – Reusable Mask with > 99% filtration. This mask is capable of pushing 150 litres of air per minute! The third filter is the KN95 standard filter, which has a strong ability to filter bacteria. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Before discussing filtration at all I need to mention a few things. The fan itself is quite small, but the fan module is quite big. It’s unclear how this is designed around nose area to prevent haze (on my glasses). Customer reviews. Si eres de los que vive en una urbe densamente poblada, o simplemente de los que se preocupa por su salud, esta mascarilla es para ti, ya sea para el uso diario o si sufres alguna dificultad respiratoria y necesites cuidar tu salud. Learn how your comment data is processed. This should not be marketed as such. The Purely KN95 mask, however, comes with adjustable ear bands that also have a headband included. There was still some haze, but I was able to achieve a better fit than I do with most masks. The exterior of the mask has a graphite look with blue stitching. With this fan comes motors and other elements. Although this standard has recently been succeeded, the filters are likely to be updated in the future. Your email address will not be published. Is it even as effective as a normal (non-fan) mask? Whether for fine dust, viruses, or home DIY. I found that on the lowest speed, there was no noticeable difference between having the fan on or off. A mask that kills 99% of viruses within 2 hours. This is mainly due to the language barrier – it’s extremely hard to find resources on any KN95 mask in English. However, that isn’t to say that it looks bad! This is about standard for reusable masks, with other reusable respirators such as Vogmask and Cambridge Mask also being around the $30 mark. society where nearly everyone wears a mask, $30 for 10 mask filters and 20 fan filters, both bigger and smaller particles more effectively. The fan module is big, and it is heavy. When I first saw the mask, I assumed that the fan would function similarly to a valve. I was sent a product for review, but the article is not sponsored. Another great option with many design choices is the Re-Mask Sports mask. 5 Stars. Xiaomi Purely anti-pollution air mask is a KN95 standard 4-layer filter mask designed to be KN95 resistant to dust, bacteria and viruses. However, at the third and final speed level, I did notice a difference. How does the mask work? While I need to do further testing, I would guess that these filters are similar. I review a lot of masks, and while there are differences, they are largely the same overall. This is the first mask that I had found in months that made me surprised. Yes. Selling Price RM 150.00. The mask is comparable to other reusable respirators in terms of internal conditions. To put it more concisely, this is a mask with a fan on it. Furthermore, filters on the Purely mask are interchangeable, and you can replace them with others if needed. Therefore, following the data provided, the mask should adhere to the KN95 filtration requirements. I didn’t check the filtration of the filter in the fan, but obviously that is quite important. Precio y disponibilidad de la Xiaomi Mi KN95 Protective Mask. But I haven’t found many masks that fit me perfectly. That is to say, it features an electronic fan that assists in circulating the air in the mask. Inside the fan, little filters can be placed that will allow all air entering the mask to be filtered before reaching the wearer. I have often complained about ear bands in the past, and this is one of my biggest issues with the common standard of reusable masks today. These are the filtration capabilities (the filter), comfort/fit and design. Thank you for your comment! With an over-ear strap design made of soft material, with good elasticity, skin-friendly, it will create comfort, no ear pain when used for long periods of time. Facemasks can effectively prevent smog, fine dust, chalking, toxic fumes and other harmful bacteria. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! also equipped with a metal rod so that the user can adjust the fit of the mask, giving the best effect. While the mask achieves a good fit, as with most cloth mask designs the fit is limited. Finally, the filter layer is made of skin-friendly material, with good absorbency to prevent the remaining agents from affecting. Therefore, although the mask is significantly heavier than most others, it isn’t really noticeable in real world use. However, compared to some masks it is actually significantly smaller. Reviews of products related to air pollution and fine dust. This standard is international recognised and the filters should provide effective PM2.5 filtration. Required fields are marked *, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker, Advantages of Xiaomi Purely mask KN95 standard, has a smart design that fits all users’ faces. I am someone who appreciates simple masks that don’t stand out, and the Purely is one of these masks. I only recommend products that I truly believe in. This headband removes the weight that usually sits on the wearers ears. Besides, the 3D design  will prevent the mask from touching the nose and mouth to avoid affecting the lipstick and makeup. I will look into the fan filter more and see what I can find! What makes this mask so unique is that it features active circulation.

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